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Exclusive Services


Human error is the leading cause of security breaches. Leveraging our experience at elite human intelligence agencies, we have developed a set of proprietary trainings that will ensure your team becomes a human firewall.


Our interactive, engaging training sessions equip your employees with the knowledge they need to recognize and avoid common cyber threats, turning your staff from potential weakness to your first line of defense.  We don't just run a training session and leave, we continuously test your employees and target training based on identified weaknesses.


Transform your employees from potential vulnerabilities into cybersecurity assets with our three proprietary courses:


1.  Cybersecurity Fundamentals

An introduction into the foundations of cybersecurity. After this training, your employees will be able to navigate the digital world with enhanced awareness, identify common cyber threats, and implement safety practices that drastically reduce the risk of breaches and data compromise.

2.  Advanced Cybersecurity Defense: Decoding Social Engineering 

An in-depth look at the sophisticated tactics employed by cyber adversaries. Focusing on social engineering techniques, this course provides hands-on exercises and real-world examples, ensuring attendees can spot, prevent, and respond to advanced threats.


3.  Insider Threat Awareness: Protecting from Within

Focused on one of the most overlooked aspects of cybersecurity – the internal threat landscape. This course dives deep into understanding and recognizing potential insider threats, equipping businesses with the tools to build a defense that starts from within.



Hidden vulnerabilities can open the door for devastating data breaches. Our comprehensive vulnerability scanning can be tailored to your needs, assessing human and network vulnerabilities.

What is a Network Assessment and why do I need one?

A network assessment is an in-depth review of your company's IT systems and network. Think of it like a thorough checkup for your business's digital 'heart.' We look at how all your computers, servers, and other devices are connected, how fast and reliable those connections are, and whether there are any potential problems or weak spots. This helps us ensure that your operations run smoothly, your data is safe, and that you're getting the best performance and value from your technology investments. Ultimately, it's about ensuring your technology supports your business goals in the best way possible.

By regularly conducting a network assessment, you can:

  • Identify areas to improve speed and performance.

  • Spot potential problems before they cause downtime or data loss.

  • Ensure that your technology choices align with your business needs.

  • Enhance security to protect against threats.

Our Human Intelligence specialists will also assess your first line of defense, your workforce.  We will identify any potential threats and vulnerabilities across your workforce, providing you with mitigation strategies and working alongside you to protect your assets.


Understand your vulnerabilities and receive a tailored strategy to address the vulnerabilities based on your priorities and budget.



Government Organizations today face an intricate web of evolving cyber needs. At Black Widow Cyber, we don’t just understand the complexity and uniqueness of these cybersecurity challenges; we have lived them. With a rich history of collaboration with various government sectors, our team is perfectly positioned to deliver highly-specialized cybersecurity talent to safeguard national digital assets.



In cybersecurity, knowledge is power. Our Threat Intelligence service keeps you ahead of the game, providing insights into the latest threats and helping you preemptively strengthen your defenses.



In today's digital age, a secure digital infrastructure isn't just a necessity; it's a competitive advantage. At Black Widow Cyber, our Cybersecurity Advisory Services are uniquely tailored to address the nuances and complexities of the modern cyber landscape, transforming potential vulnerabilities into strengths.

Strategic Cybersecurity Consultation: Aligning cybersecurity practices with your business goals, ensuring you not only stay protected but also gain a competitive edge.

Risk Assessment & Management: Comprehensive evaluations of your digital ecosystems, identifying vulnerabilities, and prescribing actionable and prioritized mitigation strategies.

Vendor & Third-Party Security Assessments: Evaluating the security postures of your external partners to ensure there are no weak links in your digital chain.

Digital Transformation Advisory: As you innovate and grow, we ensure that security remains at the forefront of your digital transformation initiatives.

Key Benefit: Navigate the cyber world with a trusted partner by your side, ensuring optimal protection and compliance.

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