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Leveraging our experience at elite human intelligence agencies, we have developed a set of proprietary trainings that will ensure your team becomes a human firewall.


Our interactive, engaging training sessions equip your employees with the knowledge they need to recognize and avoid common cyber threats, turning your staff from potential weakness to your first line of defense.  We do not just provide the course and leave, we ensure employees are tested on the skills they learned to include course tests as well as real-world simulations, such as fake phishing emails.  We do not stop training until your workforce is 100% prepared. 


Transform your employees from potential vulnerabilities into cybersecurity assets with our three proprietary courses.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals: Building a Strong Foundation

An introduction into the foundations of cybersecurity. After this training, your employees will be able to navigate the digital world with enhanced awareness, identify common cyber threats, and implement safety practices that drastically reduce the risk of breaches and data compromise.


Duration: 1 hour


Key Topics Covered:

- Introduction to cybersecurity

- Common cyber threats and vulnerabilities

- Safe browsing and email practices

- Password management best practices

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Advanced Cybersecurity Defense: Social Engineering

An in-depth look at the sophisticated tactics employed by cyber adversaries. Focusing on social engineering techniques, this course provides hands-on exercises and real-world examples, ensuring attendees can spot, prevent, and respond to advanced threats.

Upon completing this course, your employees will possess an in-depth understanding of advanced cyber tactics, empowering them to decode and counteract social engineering attempts. Armed with hands-on experience from real-world scenarios, they'll be well-equipped to act as a proactive defense line against sophisticated cyber adversaries.


Duration: 2.5 hours


Key Topics Covered:

- Anatomy of social engineering attacks

- Real-world attack demonstrations

- Advanced phishing defense and spear-phishing defense

- Case studies and role-play scenarios

Insider Threat Awareness: Protecting from Within

Focused on one of the most overlooked aspects of cybersecurity – the internal threat landscape. This course dives deep into understanding and recognizing potential insider threats, equipping businesses with the tools to build a defense that starts from within.

Post-training, your employees will have a heightened awareness of the nuances of insider threats. They will recognize potential vulnerabilities within the organization, identify behavioral red flags, and foster a security-first culture that prioritizes proactive measures, ensuring the company's digital assets remain safeguarded from both external and internal threats.


Duration: 2 hours


Key Topics Covered:

- Understanding the insider threat landscape

- Behavioral indicators and red flags

- Building a culture of trust and security

- Case studies of real insider threat incidents

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