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Human Intelligence, Network Defense

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Cyberattacks are a growing threat to small businesses and the U.S. economy.
According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, the cost of cybercrimes against the small business community reached $2.4 billion in 2021. 

About Us

Our Mission: to make cybersecurity understandable, affordable, and obtainable to businesses across the US.  

Bridging the unique intersection of human intelligence and state-of-the-art cybersecurity, Black Widow Cyber is not your typical cybersecurity consulting firm. Our woman-led venture is steered by a seasoned expert with a background in top-tier national intelligence and defense realms, emphasizing the importance of the human element within a predominantly technical sector.


Fundamentals to our perspective? While people are invaluable assets to any business, they can also be the most significant risk to our clients' digital security.

Our seasoned team brings businesses an unparalleled perspective on cyber threats. We offer a suite of services tailored to the unique needs of each business, ranging from comprehensive employee training programs to vulnerability assessments of both your network and your workforce, and cybersecurity advisory services.  We will train your workforce to ensure you have the strongest front line, avoiding social engineering attacks.  

Embark on a journey where human intelligence meets unparalleled cybersecurity expertise.

Our Services

Powerful Computer

The cost of inaction in cybersecurity isn't just financial; it's the trust, reputation, and peace of mind you've worked so hard to earn.

Guard them fiercely.

Black Widow Cyber

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